The data we collect

Data that is being collected automatically
  • The data about your progress in the game is being collected, in most cases, the automatic account is being generated.
  • Data related to the use of our product like gameplay data, purchases that you have made, and your interactions with other players inside the product.
  • Estimated location data as per your IP address.
  • Data can be collected through cookies and similar sources.
  • Your mobile device identifiers and IP address.
  • Data of your device like OS (operating system) and device name, browser type and its language, mobile carrier, and internet service provider.`
  • Contact information like email address, name, and contact number.
Data that can be collected directly
  • The name of a player or tag and password.
  • Data you provide via the connections like surveys, promotions, sweepstakes, competitions, and other events.
  • Your messages and other content you submit when you use the Eyetracking website (such as chat logs and player support tickets).
  • Profile information (like display picture).
Data that we collect from our partners
  • We are also using third-party partners like social media channels//networking sites in order to supplement the information we have got about you.
  • Data we get to receive if you link our product with any third-party tool like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Data to impede fraud (such as refund abuse in games or click fraud in advertisements).
  • Data that you have made accessible for us from a third-party service (such as Facebook and Instagram) through your privacy settings.
  • Data for advertising and analytics to help you with better services.

Why do we collect the data?

When you are just exploring our website or our products, we do collect your data for legitimate purposes.

We do it to run analytics and perceive how users interact with our product and services in order to consistently revamp it either directly or through third-party partners.

We consistently work on improving our services for our players
  • We do collect the data in order to customize our services for a better user experience.
  • Allow you to communicate with other players.
  • We fetch the data in order to respond to your comment and provide player support.
  • Offer social features as part of the Service.
  • Send you related information like game updates, security alerts, and support messages.
To keep our services secured and fair for you

For the sake of keeping the service and its features secured and fair, to not let any fraudulent authority take place; we have a legitimate interest to process our users’ data. Below are the reasons

  • We collect data in order to examine and monitor the use of our product and its features.
  • If a player is misbehaving, then we can go for a legal process against him.

Cookies and similar technologies

Just like other websites and SaaS products, we also use cookies and other similar technologies to offer bespoke services, also to help you stay secure and safe from the fraudulent activities that could take place in the near future.

We and our partners collect and store the data about our users’ communication with unaffiliated websites and applications that make use of our technologies, along with cookies. This enables us to understand the presence of a common user behind various devices or browsers.

Below are more reasons for you all to understand the policy of cookies and similar technologies
  • Users’ analytics, customization, and attribution.
  • To lessen the number of times a user gets to see the same advertisement, across all known or connected devices..
  • Offer bespoke advertising on every single device that is connected to the browsing patterns on all of the devices.

Playing our games

By downloading, accessing, and playing our games or other products; you consent to us to collect the information about you. Almost of your data, we get directly from you such as device information, country and region, and gameplay information.

The only purpose of collecting the data is to help you with customized services, and help you stay away and aware of all the fraudulent activities if any unauthorized source is trying to catch the data.

Contact us

So, this was about our privacy policy, if you still have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

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